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Swimmers up and down the country will be able to 'Swim the World™'

The Swim the World Programme is the result of years of hard work from one person: Rick Kiddle. A labour of love, Rick wanted to create something innovative to motivate swimmers who historically have been left out in terms of having the sort of top coaching available that club and international swimmers take for granted.

Rick has used the same formula he had access to when he was a professional triathlete during the eighties and nineties. As an adult coming into swimming without the time to develop naturally a sport that in order to excel at you 'have' to have swum with coaching from a very early age.

it took Rick five years to turn himself into a swimmer that although he couldn't lead a lane in a club swimming session if you put him in a wetsuit, in a lake or river or sea he could swim on olympic level swimmer feet and come out of the water in a triathlon still in contention. This gave him the opportunity in triathlon which at the time was a very young sport and although a struggle financially he managed to have a decent career, winning the national championship, and representing Britain an elite for five years. After retiring Rick set about a coaching career that has seen him write regularly for magazines, become author of a book - the complete guide to studio cycling', create several successful eduction companies with national coaching qualifications and pathways for fitness professionals to teach 'spinning' and pool to open water coaching. 

Rick is the director of NOWCA - see 
Swim the World™ Is a NOWCA product.

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