The Story so far!!

Swim the World announce the launch of the first waterproof poolside kiosk for swimmers. The function of which is to inspire, motivate, educate and time swimmers with their swimming challenges.

The programme suits all swimmers as there are programmes for kids, adults (three levels) clubs swimmers and triathletes. 

The first phase unlocks the kids and adults version.
Kids - collect treasure, cross their iconic swims, answer questions on their challenge, fill treasure chests ready to buy  StW goodies. They can track their progress and unlock educational videos and very specific session plans that are fun, rewarding and inspiring a lifetime of swimming.
Adults choose their challenge then start to swim, drawn to the pool by unlocking rewards in the form of session plans, inspirational photos, educations and video clips with key 'Simple Swimming' drills.

Swim the World classes, run by qualified coaches who have attended relevent coaching educations and workshops. Going from swimming on their own to group swimming with like-minded people who benefit from following a programme, access to video analysis, structured sessions and open water classes held in the pool. 

The first ever POOLswim400 races are run by participating pools. 
Swimmers can come into the pool and swim timed group or individual efforts. Their position and times going onto the StW scoreboard. As this is a weekly events swimmers will be motivated to training more with structured swims to improve 

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