Pool Swim 400

The Poolswim400 is the brainchild of Rick Kiddle founder of Swim the World. This the indoor swim version of the highly successful Parkrun (a free 5km run race held in parks all over Britain and the World)

Pool providers are being asked to facilitat these free 400 meter swim races/time trials in pools up and down the country each week. They are only held in participating pools who are running the Swim the World programme. Only qualified coaches will be authorised to hold these weekly events. 

The goal is to create benchmark time trials for swimmers to use for motivation, to measure ability and see regular improvement. The coach can watch the swimmers and promote their regular classes as well as make sure the swimmers are using the system and the session plans correctly.

If you are not seeing improvement with times and technique book onto a Swim the World class with a qualified coach.

Once signed up you can see your race details here,
Once a Swim the world member you can see details of all the races at your venue.

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